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Appealing your denial of benefits

Appealing your denial of benefits with the help of a Minneapolis, Minnesota social security disability attorney / lawyer

As knowledgeable Minneapolis, Minnesota social security disability attorney and lawyer, we know that one of the worst mistakes a claimant can make is failing to appeal.  This is a critical error since the majority of appeals are granted at the hearing stage. If your claim is denied initially, we won’t give up and neither should you. Patience, perseverance, and an experienced Minneapolis disability lawyer are your three most important allies in obtaining SSI or Social Security disability benefits.

Why was your claim for Minneapolis disability benefits denied?

Deserving claimants are often astonished when their claims are denied and wonder whether an appeal is worth the time and effort.  The answer is a resounding “yes.”

Even though you may be truly disabled, there are many reasons why your claim for Minneapolis Social Security disability benefits may have been denied.  These problems with your claim can be corrected on appeal.

For instance, the Social Security Administration simply may not have received enough medical evidence to prove your claim. This is especially likely if you tried to handle the claim yourself without help from a Minneapolis disability lawyer.  Sometimes your medical records are incomplete because your doctor or hospital failed to send them all or they are not in the form that Social Security requires. Possibly you made a mistake on your application by inadvertently omitting one of your doctors, or failing to include other important information.

Another reason your claim may have been denied is that the disability evaluator decided it on the basis of a file of documents without any opportunity to see and hear from you in person.  The initial disability evaluators focus primarily on your medical evidence. However, these documents alone may not reveal the full extent of your disability.

At the hearing stage the administrative law judge will have more than your case file to make a decision on. The judge will be able to evaluate your symptoms and limitations in person, and hear your testimony regarding what you can and cannot do, which can be far more effective than reviewing documents in a file. Additionally, the judge will be able to hear witnesses testify on your behalf regarding how your life has been affected by your impairment. Lastly, you will have the benefit of your Minneapolis, Minnesota social security disability lawyer / attorney with you at the hearing to make legal arguments in your favor.

How a Minneapolis disability lawyer can help you

If you are not already represented, consider contacting a Minneapolis Social Security disability lawyer as soon as you receive your denial letter. While you have 60 days to appeal, it’s best to get help promptly so there is no danger of missing the deadline. Your disability attorney will help you complete the appeal papers and make sure your appeal is timely filed.

Your Minneapolis, Minnesota disability lawyer will also determine how best to address the errors that caused your claim to be denied in the first place. He or she will review your case file to see what evidence is there and what additional evidence is needed to help your claim. Your disability attorney can then work on gathering the appropriate medical and other evidence and submit it to the administrative law judge for consideration.

Another important role of your Minneapolis, Minnesota Social Security disability lawyer is to prepare you and your witnesses for your hearing  and to advocate for you at the hearing. Before the hearing, your lawyer will meet with you to explain how you can testify most effectively.  Your lawyer will be at your side during the hearing to question you and your supporting witnesses, cross-examine any medical and vocational experts that the ALJ asks to have present, and make the appropriate legal arguments in support of your case.

Assistance is available for your appeal

To increase your chances of winning an appeal, one of the wisest choices you can make is to hire an experienced Minneapolis disability lawyer. Statistics prove that claimants who are represented by experienced disability lawyers are more likely to succeed than those who proceed without a lawyer.

If you would like to speak with an experienced Minneapolis, Minnesota Social Security disability lawyer or attorney about appealing the denial of your application for disability benefits, please complete the form on this page.  We will respond promptly.  Feel free to telephone or email us if you prefer.  Your initial consultation is free.

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