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Do I Need A Long Term Disability Lawyer?

long term disability lawyerMany disability claims are denied due to improper completion of forms or missed deadlines. This is why you should enlist the help of long term disability lawyers . Hiring legal counsel greatly improves your chances of receiving benefits.

What Does a Long Term Disability Lawyer Do?

Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law governs employer provided long term disability (LTD) insurance. These laws provide specific protocol and deadlines for LTD claims. Any good lawyer will how to adhere to ERISA regulations and help you file a successful claim.

Prepare Your Claim

You are unable to introduce new evidence in lawsuits against your insurance company. The federal judge uses your existing administrative record to decide your case. An experienced LTD lawyer will build your record with relevant medical and vocational evidence. For example, your file should ideally contain supportive opinions from physicians concerning your work limitations. Knowing what to ask your doctor is one of many contributions an attorney may offer.

Request Testimonies From Vocational Experts

A quality LTD lawyer may request a testimony from an expert to explain the requirements of your occupation. This depends on whether your disability policy is “own occupation” or “any occupation”. Relying on a testimony from experts hired by your insurer is never a good idea.

Provide Legal Representation

On top of building a solid disability case, your LTD attorney will communicate with your insurer on your behalf. This includes submitting your application, conducting negotiations, and filing a lawsuit.

Contact An Experienced Attorney

It’s crucial to hire a lawyer that is experienced in dealing with LTD benefits. These cases are very complex and a lawyer that is well-versed in disability law will increase your chances of retaining benefits. Contact the New York disability lawyer at Riemer & Associates LLC for a consultation today.


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