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The Social Security Administration Is a Large Bureaucracy

The Social Security Administration Is a Large Bureaucracy

Large bureaucracies can be difficult to navigate, and the Social Security Administration is no exception. If is arduous enough for an attorney to maneuver through this system, let alone inexperienced individuals. The Disability Attorneys of Minnesota can help.

The Iron Cage

There are more than 57,000 employees who work directly for the Social Security Administration. A separate Social Security office, the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, has an additional 8,000 employees, which includes about 1,300 administrative law judges and 34 administrative appeals judges. Additionally, 14,000 state agency employees located throughout the nation play a role in making disability determinations below the administrative law judge hearing level.

The difficulties in dealing with the Social Security Administration’s size are compounded by the complexity of the programs on offer. The most complicated are the two disability programs: Social Security disability and SSI. The Disability Attorneys of Minnesota will help you work with these complex programs.

When program changes take place, it is hard to ensure the new information filters through the system. Unfortunately, this information exchange often does not take place. For example, a test of the Social Security Administration’s nationwide toll-free telephone number resulted in questioners receiving wrong answers 25% of the time when the questions involved SSI. That said, the number is useful for information about the retirement program (just not for questions about disability benefits).

The Social Security Administration has made efforts to develop routines for complex decisions in order to streamline the process. These routines are not very effective below the administrative law judge hearing level. This is due to the fact that medical-vocational issues are often complicated and state agencies are usually unequipped to appropriately handle them. Such state agency determinations tend toward the inadequate, with many in the Social Security Administration either unaware or unconcerned with their shortcomings.

Furthermore, low-level employees in the Social Security Administration tend to adhere strictly to the letter of the law, regardless of whether this rigidity is rationale, resulting in frustrations for both claimants and lawyers alike.

If you would like assistance in dealing with the Social Security Administration for your claim, contact the Disability Attorneys of Minnesota.


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